Marie from Cheshire.

“I bought this for a friend who insisted she didn’t want any presents at her 60th birthday party, but a week afterwards she rang me to say she loves it and plays it all the time!”  ​


Karen from Lancashire.

“I received your CD as a birthday present and played it at my birthday party - I love it.”

           Julie from Halton. 

“I had my 60th birthday this year and I can relate to the lyrics of that song so much!!  I have enjoyed your CD and I think it would be a great present for anyone celebrating their 60th Birthday.”

 Clare from Merseyside.

I have enjoyed the CD - great songs - my favourite is "Flip Flops" - really quirky!   Also "You haven't a Clue" is quite poignant, and of course the title song is really catchy!  Am playing it in my car currently.

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