it's a great way to say,


Funnily enough, It wasn’t my intention for my debut CD to become a special 60th Birthday Present - but that’s what has happened.


At only £5 it’s a lovely, yet affordable, surprise gift


The words of the title track resonate with those celebrating their 60th birthdays and, as Jenny Lee Summers commented after she had played the track on Radio Merseyside, “I love the sentiment behind this song - I’d rather be 60 than sweet 16 - I think many of us would agree with that.”  (Listen to the whole interview on the Media page)

          Marie from Cheshire.

“I bought this for a friend who insisted she didn’t want any presents at her 60th birthday party, but a week afterwards she rang me to say she loves it and plays it all the time!”  ​


Karen from Lancashire.

“I received your CD as a birthday present and played it at my birthday party - I love it.”

           Julie from Halton. 

“I had my 60th birthday this year and I can relate to the lyrics of that song so much!!  I have enjoyed your CD and I think it would be a great present for anyone celebrating their 60th Birthday.”

 Clare from Merseyside.

I have enjoyed the CD - great songs - my favourite is "Flip Flops" - really quirky!   Also "You haven't a Clue" is quite poignant, and of course the title song is really catchy!  Am playing it in my car currently.